Security, Safety and Community


4 x 5
Small Closet

Fits small household items like chairs, boxes, sports equipment, decorations, and taller items like lamps.

5 x 10
Walk-in Closet

Fits household items such as a mattress, a dresser or bookcase, a small sofa, and boxes.

10 x 10
Half one car garage

1-2 bedrooms: fits items such as mattresses, a desk, washer/dryer, sofa, TVs, and boxes.

10 x 20
One Car Garage

3-4 bedrooms: Fits items such as major appliances, mattresses, sofa, armchair, desk, dressers and multiple boxes.

8 x 40 x 10
1 1/2 Car Garage

4+ bedrooms: Fits furnished home with items such as major appliances, bedroom furniture, dining room set, multiple sofas, and many large boxes.



Storage on 18th has been undergoing an overhaul of management and now has a state-of-the-art renovation planned for the facility. This includes everything from a new security system to a brand new front office coming in 2020! ​The service we offer is storage. We are a part of the Greeley Chamber of Commerce and have an A+ rating on the BBB. We are here for the community and love being rooted in Greeley Colorado, GO BEARS! We have had some serious changes in the past two years and we look forward to the ones coming in the near future, if you have any suggestions please feel free to send us an email Thanks for visiting our website!


Areas We Cover

Covering all of Northern CO From Loveland to Greeley.

Greeley   |   LaSalle   |   Evans   |   Garden City   |   Auburn   |   Kersey   |   Fort Collins

Loveland   |   Lucerne   |   Gilcrest   |   Windsor   |   Kelim   |   Adna   |   Milliken



When you're packing things into boxes or storage bins make sure you label them so it will be easy when you need to find something in the near future. (You definitely will)

Label Everything

Bring tape, (LOTS OF IT) a big tipped sharpie, boxes, or storage bins, and a step ladder.

Have plenty of supplies

Having trouble downsizing and folding clothes into boxes? Utilize wardrobe boxes that allow you to hang your clothes and securely and efficiently.

Utilize wardrobe boxes

When your'e filling up your storage unit, or extra bedroom make a map of where you are putting everything so it is easy to go back and find when you are looking for something.

Strategize your storage unit

The last thing you want when you are filling a room with your stuff is for it to all fall over. Stack with intention when stacking your boxes, and make sure the heavy stuff goes on the bottom. If you're having trouble with organization at the facility come grab one of our employees and we will be happy to help. Hope this was helpful good luck!

Stack with intention




For any inquiries or questions, please call: (970) 351-0858 or fill out the following form


505 18th St Greeley, CO 80631


Tel: (970) 351-0858


To apply for a job with Storage on 18th, please send a cover letter and your C.V. to:

Get a quote: (970) 351-0858

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